An Agreement About Payment For Merchandise

5.1 The price of the goods is the price indicated in the order. The seller must attach the confirmed delivery order and a copy of the invoice or settlement order and forward all payment processing documents to the buyer`s financial/accounting department. Unless otherwise stated in the order, the buyer must pay all the amounts duly invoiced/charged owed to the seller within thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of such an invoice or payment, except for the sums borne by the buyer. The seller must issue an official receipt for payment of the evidence by the buyer. The buyer is not required to pay invoices/bills issued more than ninety (90) calendar days after the delivery of all the products listed in the order. 5.2 The purchaser`s payment of any amount (contentious or unseeded) does not constitute an acceptance of the goods or the registration of a liability or payment obligation. The buyer may, on funds due or due to the seller, the following amounts (plus 4.5 In the event that the goods delivered by the Seller do not comply with the order, whether because of the quality or quantity or the specified or inappropriate measure for affected purposes, the buyer has the right to refuse this goods within a reasonable time after their delivery and verification and to purchase the goods elsewhere and to charge any additional charges against the seller, without prejudice to another buyer`s right. As in the 4 above, any prepayments from the buyer are not directed against the buyer`s right of refusal. Acceptance of part of the order does not bind the purchaser to accept future deliveries of non-compliant goods, nor does it deprive the buyer of the right to return non-compliant goods. At the buyer`s choice, he can cancel the order for the refused goods, get a refund or ask the Seller to repair or replace these goods for free and in a timely manner. The seller is responsible for all costs incurred by the buyer for the return of the refused goods. These order terms and conditions (together “agreement”) apply to an agreement between the CWT unit defined in the order (“buyer”) and the seller (as defined below) with respect to a work order or extract, and complete the terms of the order (as defined below).

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