Ucsc Housing Agreement

Applications to terminate the housing contract are reviewed only in accordance with Section VII. Students who wish to terminate their housing contract begin the process by filing an application for cancellation or modification through their housing office. Removing or activating keys without official authorization does not exempt you from your contractual obligation and you will continue to be charged accordingly. Visit your accommodation coordinator for more information. How can I apply for university housing? Students who accept the host offer must complete the online acceptance process in my.ucsc.edu. During the acceptance process, you are asked to indicate a preference for university residences or clean housing conditions to live in the off-campus community. After the acceptance period expires (May 1 for newcomers; June 1 for transfers), the Campus Housing Office will send you instructions on how to file the application for housing online/contract procedure if you have indicated a preference for university housing. Learn more Can I see virtual guided tours? Yes, there are virtual tours of many university apartments. Can I change my diet? Students who live in residences and have a diet in their housing contract can change their plan during the registration period. In summer and during the fall and winter registration deadlines, you can update or downgrade your meal plan for the next quarter. See accommodation schedule for the dates of each registration period. Animals and animals No animals (except fish in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium) are allowed as a roommate. Service animals must be subject to prior authorisation and must comply with university guidelines.

For more information, see ada.ucsc.edu/program-access/service-animals/service-animal-procedure.html If your plans change and you are unable to live in university housing, you will need to contact your housing coordinator. After confirmation by the university, the application for housing becomes a legally binding contract valid for the entire year of study. Make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before applying. What am I supposed to bring? We`ve put together a list of items you need that you might want to bring to make your life more comfortable in university residences. Just bring what goes into your room — roommates don`t have storage space for your belongings. When it comes to electrical appliances, please consider energy-efficient products. Learn more The Pest student is responsible for the fact that all objects that are brought into residences are free of pests, including clothing, sheets, suitcases, backpacks, packaging materials, furniture and other objects.

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