A Gentleman`s Agreement Final Fantasy 15

On the other hand, if you feel ready for the challenge, tell Dino that you want to move forward, and you will begin the last main quest of the act called Ill Tidings. So, if you think you`re not ready to take over the last quest, try completing several side quests or hunts. See our proposals below. Remember that if you agree, you will trigger the last main quest of the first act, which is not as simple as you think. During the last conversation, Dino will tell you that he is actually a jeweler and that he will have more jobs for you in the future. As a reward for giving him the stone he needs, you receive the x 1 shell bracelet. Dino is a very strange character who claims to work as a reporter. In fact, he is a jeweler and he agrees to help you leave the city if you can bring him some rare gems. A gentlemen`s agreement is a level 3 quest, and if you`ve decided to follow our Fantasy XV-Walkthrough finale, you should participate after The Errand Prince. Now that you have received your payment, talk to Dino again to see if you can leave the area and you are asked if you are willing to continue. Once you arrive, head to the camp on the nearby hill and look for a path to reach the hill across the street. You should see a bridge-like sidewalk just above the road. Take one (Garner Stone x 1) to update your target.

Offer a little Trevally to a spoiled kitten, and the miserable cat will refuse it spectacularly! (left) Visit the mother-of-pearl and have the fish prepared properly to soothe the picky cat (right). Description: “When he arrives in Galdin, a journalist named Dino Noctis immediately identifies as crown prince. He promises to remain silent and secure a ship if Noctis agrees to mine some rare stones for him. The fastest way to get to the quest destination is with your car, so go back to the badges, choose the auto/quest location, then choose the “A Gentleman`s Agreement” quest. Ignis will take you there, with minimal noise. When you arrive, leave your car behind and take the path south along the road, then climb a hill. Cross a country bridge that crosses the street, cross a short cave and see a huge sleeping bird! The band wisely decides to play in secret so as not to become bird food. Open your map and you can see that the mineral deposit is located north of Galdin Quay. If it is too late, we recommend resting in the next trailer. But in the end, the choice is illusory, and in exchange for his silence, he wants you to take a gemstone to him.

“Go make me gems, prince, or I call paparazzi on you!” must be one of the strangest motivations in a fantastic final match, but here it is. On the plus side, it will also help you get a boat if you do its job. What a funny man. Once you`ve triggered the intermediate sequence with Dino, agree to listen to what he has to say and you`ll receive 80 EXP. Final Fantasy XV A Gentlemen`s Agreement is the fifth main quest available in the first act of FFXV, and it is triggered after completing the prince of the race. Now that you have the stone Dino needs, follow in your footsteps and return to Regalia. Return to Galdin Quay and see Dino. To begin this quest, you must finish the prince of the race by visiting the pier at Galdin Quay. The moment you try to leave the pier, you are approached by Dino, who is on a bench nearby.

Pass the large sleeping bird with a pair of too many wings (left) to reach the mineral deposit where you will find the stone that Dino wants (right). If you approach the marked place, you will see an impressive creature. Go around and don`t worry, because it`s rather peaceful. Before accepting Denino`s invitation to leave the area, complete the following quests and hunts: Gone Hunting, Dust to Dust, Kitty Catering, and Howling Wind of Hunger. You can be sneaky if you want, but there is no need – wake up the bird and it just flies away….

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