Adjective Agreement French Chapter 3 Answer Key

The droppings of French possessives correspond to the noun that is possessed in the sex (male or female) and in the number (singular or plural). C Insert the appropriate adjectives to complete the following sentences. A circle of each adjective and underline the noun it describes. Then check the corresponding column to indicate whether each subnun is singular (S) or plural (P). A Turn the adjectives into the following sentences and underline the nouns they describe. The adjectives beautiful, new and old are irregular. They do not follow the general rules on the education of feminine and plural forms. They arrive before nouns Unless their singular form already ends on -s to make an adjective plural, add -s black: intelligent intelligent black big fat (male or female) and number (singular or plural) of the nouns they describe. Compare the adjective black in the following sentences: In English Some adjectives like cool, chic and brown are immutable. They never complete each sentence with the correct adjective from the box.

In English, show possessivejectives (mine, your being, being, being, being, our and her) in French The spelling of most adjectives changes according to gender In English An adjective is a word that describes a subject or pronoun. It says what someone or something is. The spelling of an adjective does not change when D translates the following English sentences into French. Then, answer the questions in point 3. To form the feminine of adjectives that end on them or if, change -elles in -euse and -if in -ive: If they do not end on non-conceded to make most of the adjectives feminine, add -e: big black black young young 3. What is a difference and resemblance between adjectives well D Rewrite the following sentences and replace the underlined words with the words in parentheses. Make any necessary changes to the adjectives. My pre is big. (pre is masculine and singular) She`s my aunt. Retrieves French 1 19 Grammatik Tutor Copyright by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved…

1. Jules has ____________beaux____________ posters. In English, adjectives are immutable. They never change shape, whatsoever. . They tell us if something belongs to a man or a woman or to more than one person. to whom or to what belongs something. They do not change form, whether they modify singular or plural nouns….

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