Rsl Agreement

Second, if the member is a business entity, Utah Soccer generally allows membership to be transferred upon the sale or dissolution of a business. A request for the transfer of permanent card privileges from a company must be submitted in writing by the contact person for Utah Soccer membership and supported by appropriate documents satisfactory to Utah Soccer at its discretion. This documentation may include, among others, corporate decisions, asset or share purchase agreements and/or dissolution documents. Utah Soccer reserves the right to approve or reject such requests at its discretion. If RSL or the covered affiliate executes, before the end of the option period, any amendments, ancillary letters or other agreements with the counterparty to such RSL collaboration agreement with respect to this RSL collaboration agreement, RSL myovant becomes an authentic, correct and legible copy of this document within ten (10) working days of the execution of such document. The use of a ticket assumes that each user accepts the above conditions and agreements. The RSL was developed by a specific working group of the Environmental Task Force of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA). .

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