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The non-profit organization, International Innovation Center (IIC), intends to contribute to the realization of a healthy development of the individual, group, local community and the global community by providing the education about finding employment and training in business. Aimed primarily at the individual and group, IIC seeks to promote a healthy and sound society while realizing the needs of the global community.

Also, while realizing the above charter and developing a community of people around the world, IIC works with other NGO and NPO organizations in a leadership role, to enhance environmental protection in problem areas. IIC also seeks to conduct cross-cultural activities in international education, such as problem solving, disaster recovery, and improving the interests of society as a whole.

IIC is located at the junction of government and the international community. In order to facilitate the betterment of society as a whole, through the international community, the NPO IIC was established.


  1. To promote social education
  2. To promote international cooperation
  3. To promote environmental preservation
  4. Management and administration of the attached activities. In particular, activities concerning communication, advice and assistance contained within.

Business Activities

● Overseas Experience Support

  1. Arrangement of business visits to companies and organizations overseas
  2. Counseling and training practice
  3. Consultation and arrangement of entry to foreign universities and schools
  4. Consultation and arrangement concerning life overseas(The above mentioned activities are managed by the sub-division Shibuya Working Holiday Plaza).

● Relief Work and Aid Operations

  1. Donation of living materials; volunteer work in orphanages
  2. Donation of living materials and volunteer work in childcare centers
  3. Dispatch of aid and volunteers to disaster areas
  4. Participation in foreign scholarship programs
  5. Dispatch of Japanese language teachers to universities and educational institutions in Australia and Thailand.

● Research and Business training

  1. Implementation of language workshops in English, German, French, Thai, Korean, Chinese etc.
  2. Support of meetings and seminars concerning Japanese Culture, International Cultural Exchange and Human rights.

● Cultural Exchange Work

  1. Participation in exchange activities with overseas NPO/NGOs.
  2. Participation in Exchange meetings held with Japanese nationals living abroad and local residents.
  3. Backing and support of organizations and individuals involved with environmental protection and conservation.

Contact Details

Please address all enquiries to one of the following below.

+81 3-5464-3120
Tokyo Shibuya-ku Shibuya 1-24-7 Miyashita Park Building 7F
東京都渋谷区渋谷1-24-7 宮下パークビル 7階

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